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Fundraising 2019-2020
(Jr. Academy and private lesson skaters)

Welcome to the 2019-2020 skating season. In order to keep club costs down we will be doing some easy mandatory fundraising projects.

Mandatory fundraising:

We have two confirmed mandatory fundraisers so far this year. Each skater is required to purchase $100 worth of grocery gift cards (Sobeys or President's Choice) at the time of registration. Cards will be distributed in September and October. These cards do not receive member credits.

We will be doing a Mom’s Pantry cookie dough and muffin batter fundraiser. Each skater must sell at least $75 worth of product (which is only 4 tubs of cookie dough). There are 8 different cookie doughs, 4 muffin batters and 2 spreads to choose from. If selling is not your thing, you can opt out and pay $50. More information to follow.

In summary, when you register on Uplifter (your gateway account) you will be automatically billed $100 for grocery gift cards and a deposit of $50 for the Mom’s Pantry fundraiser. Those that sell the required amount of Mom’s Pantry product ($75) will receive their $50 deposit back after the fundraiser is completed.

If circumstances arise that force the club to implement additional club fundraising ventures, mandatory participation by the membership will be required.

Optional Fundraising Opportunities

Throughout the skating season additional grocery gift cards will be available to purchase. These additional cards can earn your skater member credits: 5% for President’s Choice and 6% for Sobeys. This is OPTIONAL but it is a great way to support your skater directly. Member credits will be added to your uplifter account twice a season. If you would like to order additional grocery gift cards just email . Please state the amount you would like to purchase and the preferred denomination (example - $275 Sobeys 1x$100, 2x$50, 1x$25). As well, please indicate the skater you would like these credits to go to. A time will be set up to meet at the rink to collect payment and to receive your gift cards. Cash and cheques will be accepted.

The sausage stand at the Eskimos Games is another opportunity to earn member credits. At the end of the season, all the sausage profits are split among all the stand volunteers. The club will then apply your credits to Uplifter. Volunteers earn a minimum of $65 per shift of member credits. The earnings are based on profits so potentially could be higher. Sign up here Sausage Stand 2019 and reserve your spot or just learn more about this opportunity.

Our club’s next Casino event will be held in April/May/June 2020. Stay tuned for more information.

If you have any questions regarding fundraising or member credits please email Terra Sholter at

What are Member Credits?

Gateway Skating Club offers fundraising opportunities for our members to earn Member Credits to help keep skating affordable. Member Credits can be used towards skating costs such as; registration fees, coaching fees, competitions, seminars, skating equipment (skates, competition clothing, etc). These fundraising opportunities are optional and the club does not retain any of the profits from credits earned*.

How To Use Member Credits

Members who have accumulated Member Credits from fundraising will have a credit available in their family’s Uplifter account. To use the credits, click the “Use Available Credit” box on at the payment step when checking out. If your credit is not the exact amount of your total, the system will calculate any remaining amount owing or automatically update the remaining credit amount. It will show on the receipt as “Gift Certificate”.

For other skating expenses not charged on Uplifter (ie coaching fees, competition fees, skating equipment etc); they can be reimbursed by submitting the paid receipts for the skating expense to the club and a check will be issued.

PLEASE NOTE *Credits can only be used by ACTIVE Gateway Skaters. If a skater chooses not to skate or to leave The Gateway Skating Club, the credits will be maintained for one year in case the skater returns. After one year the credits are absorbed by the club .

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