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Parent Code of Conduct

Gateway endorses and embraces the Skate Canada Club Code of Ethics. The Club Code of Ethics has been developed to aid volunteer club executive members, club staff and club members in achieving an appropriate level of ethical behavior that will help them operate an efficient and successful Skate Canada Member Club.

To create and maintain a positive and successful learning environment, all stakeholders involved in our sport (athletes, parents, coaches, officials, volunteers and club staff) must share a common vision and understanding of their role, as their actions ultimately contribute to, or undermine, the existence of a positive skating environment. All volunteer club executive members, club staff and club members are responsible for establishing and maintaining ethical behavior.

As a parent, there is a process/protocol to follow if you have a complaint or concern which your BASE COACH is unable to help you resolve. Please note the following process:

  • All complaints or concerns must be addressed to the board in writing; either given to a board member or by email. This will be in the form of a written, detailed letter/email regarding the circumstances of the incident.
  • A decision, if required, will be made at the next scheduled board meeting. Neither Board members NOR COACHES may be sought out individually at the arena, their home or place of business to register complaints.

Corrective Action Steps

Skaters, parents, coaches and board members will behave in a responsible and mature manner with regards to conflict resolution. Once the board has received a concern, conflicts will be discussed using any or all of the following ways at the Boards discretion in conjunction with the Director:

  • In person during operating hours
  • Via email during operating hours. Discussions will not be displayed publicly on social media sites or discussed after hours.
  • Conflict resolution is a positive process whereby individuals resolve issues in an informal or formal atmosphere. Having good communication is imperative to our club.

Corrective Action Steps if code is violated

1st Offence: Verbal warning from skater’s coach or GSC Director, a copy of the Code of Conduct will be given to the Parent to review again.

2nd Offence: Letter from President/Director.

3rd Offence: Parent and/or skater will be suspended from all Club programs and events for 1 week. (This includes all competitions, tests, team building activities, seminars, ice shows, etc.).

4th Offence: Parent and/or will be suspended from all club programs for the season. GSC reserves the right to escalate action depending on the extent of the violation and the Non Renewal of GSC Membership.

  • Parents shall at ALL times treat all individuals and property with dignity, courtesy and respect, including but not limited to skaters, coaches, officials, volunteers, other parents, and all other individuals that are part of the club. Parents are not to touch another skater’s belongings without their permission.
  • Parents shall abide by this code at all times while participating in any Skate Canada club or school, competition or activity. Failure to do so may result in action taken by the Board of the GSC. This form must be signed by the Parent or Guardian of the skater, and once signed will be binding for all Parents or Guardians of the skater.
  • Parents shall openly support and uphold this code of conduct policy and take action and steps to ensure other parents follow and uphold this code of conduct policy.

This Code of Conduct is included with our registration packages and a signed copy must be returned to Gateway Skating Club as part of the Registration process.

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