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Parent Code of Conduct

Gateway endorses and embraces the Skate Canada Club Code of Ethics. The Club Code of Ethics has been developed to aid volunteer club executive members, club staff and club members in achieving an appropriate level of ethical behaviour that will help them operate an efficient and successful Skate Canada Member Club.

To create and maintain a positive and successful learning environment, all stakeholders involved in our sport (athletes, parents, coaches, officials, volunteers and club staff) must share a common vision and understanding of their role, as their actions ultimately contribute to, or undermine, the existence of a positive skating environment. All volunteer club executive members, club staff and club members are responsible for establishing and maintaining ethical behaviour.

  • Parents shall emphasize the importance of values like sportsmanship, respect, cooperation, and teamwork to their son/daughter offering praise for competing fairly, participation and skill development.
  • Parents shall at ALL times treat all individuals and property with dignity, courtesy and respect, including but not limited to skaters, coaches, officials, volunteers, other parents, and all other individuals that are part of the club. 
  • Parents shall always model positive and responsible behaviour and communicate with their son/daughter that they expect them to do the same. Parents will assume the responsibility for their son/daughter’s on ice conduct and attitude.

  • Parents shall refrain from any behaviour, or comments, which are profane, insulting, harassing, sexist, racist, abusive, disrespectful or otherwise offensive without hostility or violence.

  • Parents shall set high, but reasonable expectations for their son/daughter’s participation in skating focusing on development and enjoyment for the child.

  • Parents shall instill confidence in their son/daughter’s ability and skill development, always avoiding comparisons with other skaters.

  • Parents, along with the professional coach and the athlete, shall be considered members of a team whose main concern is the child’s overall progress and development. Parents shall respect that the professional coach is responsible and empowered for the on-ice and off-ice development of the athlete. A parent’s role shall be to take a healthy interest in their child’s progress and development and be responsible for the child’s nutrition, rest, adherence to off-ice training regimen set by the coach or other fitness professional, overall health, life-balance, and moral and emotional support.

  • Parents shall ensure their son/daughter wear proper skating clothing and equipment.

  • Parents shall never provide alcohol or drugs to minors in a Skate Canada environment.

  • Parents shall never provide or advocate the use of performance enhancing drugs or substances.

  • Parents shall avoid any conduct, which brings their club, skating school, Section or Skate Canada, into disrepute, including but not limited to abusive use of alcohol, non- medical use of drugs and gambling.

  • Parents shall openly support and uphold this code of conduct policy and take action and steps to ensure other parents follow and uphold this code of conduct policy.

  • Parents shall adhere to the policies, procedures, rules, standards, and ethics of Skate Canada at all times.


3 Strike Rule (Zero Tolerance Policy)

If a skater/parent/volunteer is in violation of the Code of Conducts they will be:

  1.  Verbally informed the warning.
  2.  2nd offence will be a written letter.
  3.  3rd offence will constitute a suspension at the board's discretion.

If the behaviour of a skater/parent/volunteer is in serious breach of conduct (at board’s discretion) said skater/parent/volunteer may be immediately suspended.

**In cases of suspension NO REFUND of any kind will be granted**


This Code of Conduct is included with our registration packages and a signed copy must be returned to Gateway Skating Club as part of the Registration process.

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