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Mandatory Fundraising Requirement

Ice costs for our private skaters are subsidized to keep skating affordable. The fundraising allows us to do so. Gateway Skating Club requires each family to fulfil a Bingo Shift within the skating year (The skating year is from September 2022-April 2023). Contact for inquiries.

Bingo dates are:

2022:  Monday, November 28 Monday, December 5    
2023: Wednesday, January 11 Wednesday, February 22 Saturday, March 4  


Mandatory Volunteer Requirement

Volunteering is required to be able to keep our club running smoothly. Gateway Skating Club requires each family to fulfil volunteer hours. How many hours are required depends on what level your skater is.

The following table specifies the number of credits for the skater level, for the 2022-2023 season.

Skating Level

Gateway Academy





Volunteer Hours







There are many opportunities to volunteer throughout the skating year, such as: Dressing Room Attendant, Check-In Table, Costume Collection, Decoration set up and clean up, Flower Sales etc. You can find all the current volunteering on our website by following the steps below: More will be added throughout the year, but don’t leave it too long.

Volunteer hours not fulfilled within the season will be subject to a fee of $50/hour.

Mandatory Volunteering for Ice Shows/Challenges

There will be volunteering requirements that are separate from the yearly requirements. These are Ice shows or Challenges where the families of the registrants in those shows will be required to volunteer time or skills to help ensure these special shows can happen. You will be notified upon registration of these shows what is needed. *These shifts cannot be opted out of.


Online Sign Up Instructions

Please sign into your Uplifter account and click on the Volunteer Sign Up button on the bottom of the left hand side. You will see all volunteer positions available. Read through the job description, the times of the job, number of hours assigned and the contact person. Choose the one you would like and click on the SELECT button on the right hand side.  A pop up box will appear and have your name in the volunteer box. If this is correct, click REGISTER.

Please note the name must be the one associated with your member account. If someone other than a family member is completing the shift, please email with the details. Shifts will be available for sign up towards the end of August or early September. An email will be sent letting you know they are ready. Sign up will be on a first come first serve basis.

The mandatory shifts will be updated throughout the season. An email will be sent letting you know they are ready. Sign up will be on a first come first serve basis.. There may be circumstances when additional emails will be sent looking for people to fulfill shifts that come up suddenly. The Uplifter sign up will provide details regarding time, date & duties. The shift coordinator may send you an email closer to the date of your shift if needed, but you will not receive a reminder of your shift. Please mark your calendar.

Note: Mature skaters may be eligible to complete volunteer hours. This will be done on an individual basis and the discretion of the mandatory shift coordinator & executive member in charge. The majority of shifts will require adults.


Opt-Out Policies

You can choose to opt-out of fundraising or volunteering requirements. We ask that you do so at registration so we can plan our volunteers and fundraising shifts.

Fundraising opt-out fee: $175
Volunteering Opt-out fee: $50/hour required

To Opt out of Fundraising, you must choose the Opt Out of Fundraising option at registration; $175 will automatically be added to your invoice.

To Opt-out of Volunteering, you must choose the Opt Out of Volunteering option at registration, $50 will be added to your invoice immediately, and the remainder (if there is any) will be added within two weeks.



Once your shift is confirmed, if you are unable to complete the shift, you must find your own replacement and inform the mandatory shift coordinator and executive member in charge of the change. The person replacing you will be credited with the hours unless the mandatory shift coordinator is informed otherwise.

If you do not complete your hours by May 8th, 2023 you will be charged $50/hr. This will be invoiced to your Uplifter account. If you have questions please contact out Volunteer Coordinator at

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